Welcome to Borderline New Zealand

Simply the best … durable and decorative concrete borders that look and feel like brick and stone, but with the strength and durability of concrete.

Will not rust like steel, decompose like wood, break down like plastic or move like brick.

Imagine whatever design you like – from simple straight lines to flowing curves that allow you to be as creative as you like with your garden.

  • Contain bark and mulch within gardens
  • Reduce edging and trimming
  • Our machinery can create borders in existing gardens with minimal disturbance of surrounding area – no boxing to remove the next day
  • Rings around trees and flower beds
  • We can provide just about any shape and style you can dream of
  • Contain irrigation, sound and communication wiring for that outdoor ambience
  • Variety of colours, shapes, sizes and patterns
  • Borderlight™ feature borders around gardens, swimming pools, up driveways
  • Long lasting strength of concrete
  • Edge specifically designed to allow lawn mower to run alongside with no damage to the kerbing
  • Wheel stops in driveways and parking areas
  • Withstands knocking from golf buggies and carts on Golf Courses and Mini-Put

Operating for over 20 years in America and Australia, the world’s leading continuous borders are now available in New Zealand. If you want to know more send us your information – see our contact details.

Business Opportunity
Fully Self Contained trailer with all equipment and tools required to start your own business and take advantage of the lucrative landscape and home renovation market in New Zealand. If you would l ike us to contact you with more information please send us your details – see our details at Contact Us.